Book project

In the meantime, I have so much work to do for “Children’s illustration” book project. My work is going quite slow. I know I will make it in the end but it’s gonna be a tough battle.

One of my problems here is that I don’t have a good workspace. EASD is not as big so there is not a big library or something similar to stay there. There is a small area though but it’s always full. You can’t work on a classroom cause they are locked after class, and the whole building closes at 9 and most of my classes are until 9. Sometimes I go do my coursework at starbucks, on my favorite street, and I love it but the problem there is that there is not much space and the internet doesn’t connect to my laptop, so whenever I have a project that needs constant internet research, or when I have too many things to carry, I have to stay at the house. But my desk is also not big enough and the truth is that most of the times I can’t work there, I need noise, people, movement to work. And moments like these, I really miss my Coventry University library. I miss the hours I was spending there, all day, all night. Big space, a lot of people, friends, strangers, noise.

But even after all this trouble, I like it. It’s exciting. And I really see how much my drawing skills have changed. I can draw better now. And I feel more confident about it.

We first needed to find a story for children. The story I chose to make a book is an old Russian tale. The little Snow Girl. I know this tale since I was a child. It was an old animated movie. Russian production. I was watching so many of them. But this story is not like the others. It’s not a funny story and it’s not so childish. It’s a sad tale, meaningful, beautiful. It’s the kind of tales we read when we are both young and old. I simply love it, so I wanted to work on something I am connected to.

My drawing style is weird, dark and with not many rules. People say it reminds them of Tim Burton’s style. Tim Burton is my favorite director, animator…So I decided to follow this style. I’ve made so many drawings, characters, backgrounds and plans. Now I’m in the stage of doing more detailed the pages so then I can finalize them digitally and send them for print and binding.


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