Tourist for a day

A few weeks ago I decided with my friend to become tourists for a day. We were getting lost around the city finding beautiful buildings, eating, visiting museums and just enjoying the sunny day.

We accidentally found an art gallery, it had some old photographs and paintings, a nice quiet space. Then we found some nice buildings, that reminded me of Greece. We wanted to go up to two towers but they were closed by the time we went there. The best place we visited was the Museu de Belles Arts de València. I wanted to go there for so long and now I did. It was so beautiful. In the first room there was a huge dark painting. I was standing there for so long, looking at it. It was amazing. It made me feel so weird. It was something about death, I remember depicted souls, they were so tragic and sad, it was so beautiful. One of the reasons I wanted to visit this place was El Greco. I found one of his paintings, and I was feeling quite emotional. We spend so much time in there, it was nice. I will definitely gonna go again. It’s a nice place to think about things. About life, about death.


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