The first project for this International Workshop was a team project. We had to come up with an idea and to combine some themes, based on our countries. It wasn’t one of my favorite projects and somedays seemed like it was pointless, but once we started planning the whole thing, everything was better. This thing we were making was part of an exhibition. We had two walls, they were like a passage, we were sticking triangles on the side of the walls and then we hung wool and bells from the sides of the walls.

The “opening night” of the exhibition was fun, we had finished the work a few hours ago and returned for the party! There were so many people, everybody was passing through our work in order to get in the main area, the bells were going crazy. There was champagne and beer, and tangerines. People were enjoying it, and I noticed too many people passing through the wool and triangles, taking snapchat videos and having fun. It was a success!

It was my first exhibition. I was so excited about it. Of course I was imagining so much better things but it was really good eventually.


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