Last night I spend my time in an interesting way. It was Friday night, meaning everyone’s going out! It’s been a while now since I last went out with my friends. So last night, I promised to myself I will finish the 5 illustrations for the movie characters. I decided to make all 5 with blank ink. And I started with Jack from “The Nightmare Before Christmas”. I really liked the way the ink was moving on the water, the shapes it was creating, it was fascinating! Then my next character was No Face from “Spirited Away”. Then Mike Wazowski from “Monsters Inc”, Edward from “Edward Scissorhands” and final Willy Wonka from “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”! Around 22:00 I decided to have a break. I poured some red wine on my mug, put my headphones on, grabbed my notebook and a pen and headed down. I was sitting by the door, on the floor outside my building. On my left trains were coming and leaving and on my front there was this street light that was going off every minute, then shimmering and then on again. I was listening to music, drinking wine, thinking, writing down things I left inside me for too long, and noticing people passing by. There were clouds in the sky, the kind of clouds I love watching because they are coloured from the city lights and they look so beautiful! I was down there for more than an hour. I went back on to continue my drawings. I had two more left. I poured some more wine and started. At the end I was feeling tired and sleepy and I accidentally drunk from the wrong glass. There was ink and water 😛 It was so funny! Even if I was tired and my eyes were closing, I really enjoyed every bit of it!


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