Five Guitars


One of the last projects I have is to make 25 illustrations. 5 categories, each have to include 5 illustrations. For the free topic I decided to make some guitars because I love music, I play an acoustic guitar, my plan is to buy an electric guitar when I finally end up somewhere permanent. So that was some kind of research for me too. It was fun making them!

Now I’m working on a project that nobody told me about it when it happened, they only told me yesterday and it’s for the 8th of May, along with the 25 illustrations project. The funny thing is that overtime they try to explain to me what we have to do, is quite hard to get it and I end up get something wrong and fix it. But for now what I understood is that, I have to choose 2 animals, combine them and make one (Greek mythology came to my mind right away). So this is gonna be an a4 size drawing and then we need to use this as branding. So I have to manipulate it and make it simpler, find a name and create a brand. It’s good, I liked the idea of this project. And I must say I’m working fast on this. This morning I made a list with my final deadlines(I almost passed out :P), and then started working. So, I’m using a swan and a snail, I don’t think there is time for something more complex, and right now I have to be practical so this seems like it could work out perfectly.


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