Business Card

Last summer, during my days off of work, I was going to a cafe by the beach, with my macbook. So romantic! It was one of my very good friend’s birthday in a few days and at first I couldn’t decide what present to get her. But I thought that I should buy her something that she will truly love. My friend was a graduate from an aesthetic, make up artist school, and once she graduated she started searching for a job. So my thinking was to design a business card for her. It would have been helpful as a promotion for her and it could help her in a business perhaps later on. But the reason I did it the most, was so she can believe in herself more, to help her feel good and not powerless(as every young person struggles to find a decent job in Greece or even just a job). She has such good skills and she loves her job so much! She’s working in a beauty shop and she’s very good. I really loved doing that for her and she loved it too! I remember, when I had my first completed ideas I told her about it so we can work it together, and it was so fun making it. It made me feel like a good friend and a designer working with a client!

*In the picture she send me with the card you can see only the front!


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