In the last weeks in class (before holidays) we were doing so many things with ink, temperas, watercolours, using various technics and it was really good because all this time I thought I didn’t like drawing with brushes and these colours (mostly because last time I did something like this was probably when I was 5). But now I tried, I saw that I like it and it’s fun. The whole process is so good even if I end up having colours all over my face and clothes and hands. I was never taught of these things but now I am introduced to them and I wanna try and learn more.

There is an old family friend and my chemistry teacher for 2 years in high school, and he is painting. My whole house is filled with his work. I told him I will visit him a lot during summer. He’s gonna be showing me things and doing practice!

*Above you can see something I was doing for my fashion class.


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