I’ve been really busy with my coursework. Sometimes I’m going crazy I feel like choking. I have so much work to do and I’m doing it every single day. Most of the days, in my “spare” time nothing else happens. Just me, in my room, music, work, breakdown, the desire of quitting all classes and do nothing, food, monsters, more work, louder music, more food. There are days I don’t even leave the house (like weekends). But I can’t stop, if I stop for a moment everything is gonna go behind. And I’m already behind because I don’t get everything right from the first time, so the teacher wants me to do it again, that means more work and left behind eventually. Right now, today, it’s good, but I have this feeling I’m forgetting something even though I write everything on a notebook. There’s something I’m missing. I have no idea though how am i gonna succeed to finish for the final project. He changed the deadline too, that means less days. I don’t feel like it’s fair to be like this. It’s so much pressure. But I know I won’t give up. It’s just the thought, the breakdown, like a storm and then it passes. Like the sea, it calms, and strength and courage kicks in. So I know I will make it somehow.


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