Number 2

I think this March must have been the best so far. It’s simply because I went to two concerts in just two weeks. So after I returned from London (the All Time Low/Waterparks/SWMRS concert), I didn’t even bother to unpack and 5 days later I traveled to Berlin for the You Me At Six concert. I arrived at night and went to my hotel which was a bit weird on the hallways, first thought was that this building must have been a lunatic asylum or something, and by the way I got lost so many times, but it was nice. So the next morning my sister was arriving, from Greece. We met and we started our day with trying to find a coffee place( meaning Starbucks). It was a rainy freaking cold day, I haven’t felt that cold for so long, I left Valencia with a T-shirt, sunglasses and desiring ice-cream and there it was Winter at its best. after coffee we walked in the rain trying to find a greek tavern that we were going in Thessaloniki and now they moved it to Berlin, we were meeting a friend there. The place was so nice, I missed it and we stayed there for so long, talking, drinking wine, eating, it felt like home. The people from there knew us and it was nice. The next day we became tourists, walked a lot searching and finding some popular places. We ended up starving and finally eating at the Hard Rock Cafe (of course) after we walked through the huge park and we were literally dead. It was a long day. At night we went to our friends house and her husband. It was so nice, we were there for hours and it was so much fun.

The next and our final day/night was the day of the concert. I know for some people this will sound weird, crazy, stupid or whatever but we went at the venue at 11 in the morning in order to be in the front row. There was one more person there already and then a few more appeared. We were there, sitting on the ground, in the cold, drinking red bulls, eating unhealthy shit, drinking wine later, talking, freezing, going crazy and laughing unstoppable, watching pictures and drawing my leg and hands. Most of the people appeared at 7 the time when the doors opened and we got in. We got in, first row, so close almost touching the stage. The venue was small, which I liked a lot. It was perfect. Soon the support groups begun playing, first The Xcerts and then The Amazons which I fell in love with even more, ( I also fell in love with their guitarist). Then You Me at Six were playing, it was so good, it was amazing.

Concerts are literally the only place I feel completely free and I don’t think about the problems around, I don’t think of anything or anyone else but me and the band. There is no pain in my legs anymore when the music starts, there is no pain at all. I just breath, listen, sing, dance, jump and living the moment, living the dream. What happens is that you are in a state of ecstasy in there, the proof is real. There is a video the band put up together from this concert and you can see me quite a lot there in the front, singing and jumping, I’m completely lost in their music. You can see it in my eyes. It’s unreal!

When you see a band live something changes. There is a connection you find that you can’t have without seeing them live. You become even closer to them. It’s so beautiful!


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