Greece in London

It’s been 3 years now that I mostly live abroad, which means I miss Greece a lot. I miss so many things which makes me appreciate it more. When you live abroad and you see or hear something that is related to your country you feel so nostalgic, happy and sad at the same time. Here in Valencia, I haven’t met anyone from Greece or haven’t heard people speaking in Greek on the streets. Something that in London is the exact opposite. There are so many Greeks in London, everywhere I am I hear Greek.

These past few days in London it was like that. And it’s so funny because every time I hear them I start shout greek words and laugh with my sister. There are also many Greek restaurants in London, but we had never been to one before. Until this time. We were in Camden walking and suddenly saw a Greek tavern, I got so excited, I said to my sister that we need to go there. We met our friend and end up going there for food. It was so exciting. The people working there were from Greece as well, and they were so nice. The owner was from Thessaloniki as well and we found out we had mutual friends and everything. The food was nice (Greek) and we drunk tsipouro which is something I wasn’t really drinking until that day. The whole situation was so nice. It feels good you know, being in a familiar space, speaking in your language, eating and drinking things that is home. It was good but there was more. We went to Piccadilly to buy coffee from a greek place that mostly sells nuts and desserts. They were having the coffee we drink in Greece and I’m still not sure if they have it in other countries too, we got fredo cappuccino which is something I drink during summer, in Greece, so you can imagine how I was feeling. It was an amazing day!

The next day we were flying back. I went with my sister for breakfast and we were so happy when the guy from that place was from Thessaloniki. He was so nice, and instead of nescafe he made me frappe, which is another coffee version of nescafe but cold and a bit different. Again I was so happy, I hadn’t drunk this coffee for so long! I was so grateful.


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