London was beautiful as always. I have a strong connection with this city. I don’t know why. Perhaps it’s because it was the first time I went for a trip without parents. I went with my sister and two of her friends. I was 15 the others were 18. It was my second time visiting London, but still it was so different from the first. We arranged everything, we did everything on our own and it was perfect. I remember being in the hostel with a map and a pen marking our way. Making plans. Exploring the hostel late at night, laughing hysterically, my sister recording it all in the camera, falling in the stairs just because laughing was too much to take. It was amazing. I felt so responsible and free during these days. And I remember falling in love with the night, cloudy, illuminated by the lights sky, while walking through saint james’s park in the darkness. The feelings were too complicated to describe, I don’t know how. I only know that I have these feelings every single time I go there.

So as I was in London again, I wanted to see things I haven’t seen before. We went to Hammersmith, Notting Hill. I think these two areas were the new places I went to. We visited Tate Modern which I enjoyed more than the last time. There were some exhibitions and paintings that weren’t there before. Some famous paintings of Pablo Picasso and Salvador Dali, and so many interesting things. Then we also went to the House of Illustration which was good but to small, I wanted more. But there were the top works from a book competition which I new about and I really liked what I saw. It was inspiring.

I think London will be a place I would fly for a day or two every month if I had the time and money. It will forever remain something special to me!


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