Music Tourism

Part of being an erasmus student means that you have the chance to discover new places. Something I love doing. But sometimes it’s harder than we all think. In fact it’s much harder. It depends of course on what free time you have and how much “free” time you can make for something you want to do. I have a lot of work for the school, I mean all of us do but some erasmus students prefer to not participate in these classes a lot. I think this is a waste of a good opportunity but anyway. So for me, it’s quite complicated. I don’t want to not attend to classes and not do projects, because I like doing them and I need them. But I don’t want to be a slave of my own projects either. I don’t want to stress over them and not be free. But let’s face it, I can’t do that. So here I am again, another year, chasing deadlines, drinking monsters and coffees, not allowing myself to enjoy things.

I could arrange to go to a day trip or small things like that, but I haven’t. Apart from Valencia, I’ve been to Madrid and Barcelona, and these two just for a while, which was not enough at all.

The thing with me though is that I love music, I love bands, I love live concerts and I would follow them everywhere. And this year everyone decided to go on tour. Which means I’m going crazy because I could literally be every week in a concert. But obviously I can’t.

Only two days ago, I returned from London. Yeah, I did it again. I went to a place I’ve been quite a lot and know so many things about. But the main reason was a band of course. All Time Low! One of my top favourite bands. I traveled from Valencia and I was waiting a couple of hours for my sister to arrive from my hometown, Thessaloniki! We took the bus and went to our hotel in Hammersmith the area the concert would take place the following day. The hotel was 10 minutes walking from the venue. I won’t forget the moment we went out of the metro station and saw on the other side a big shiny sign that was written All Time Low on it. We crossed the street and check the space outside, took pictures, feel the moment. The next day, the day of the concert, we went there at 12 in the morning, and we were late, there was a long queue for that time already. We had bought some white wine, and some food and it was fun, I love doing that. A live concert it’s not only the 1:30 hour the band performs, it’s the whole day, going from the morning, waiting with so many people, meeting new people, the anticipation, those last 30 minutes right before the doors open which seems longer than the 7 hours waiting there. Then it’s the support groups, the place inside, the sound, the lights. Everything is so awesome. It was one of the best days of my life. Even though the singer from the support group Waterparks was sick and couldn’t sing (and I was waiting in excitement to see them too), it was all perfect. It’s a feeling so strong, intense, ecstatic. The moment your band is playing, you play with them. Singing so loud, jumping, clapping, shouting, screaming. There is is so much energy, even if your legs and arms are hurting, you don’t stop. And then, there’s this moment you just stop. Closing your eyes. Listening. Looking at the ceiling, so beautiful. These are the moments you feel alive. It feels like home.


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