I love films. I always have. And I can watch the same one so many times. In fact there are certain movies I almost watch everyday (mostly Tim Burton‘s movies). These days, I’m mostly in search of old films and movie legends like my beloved Audrey Hepburn. Maybe I’ve been inspired by the Oscars or maybe is just another phase again. But I really love watching old films. Even when some parts are ridiculously made, or the sound is different, or there is no color. It’s just beautiful. It’s innocent and pure. I like noticing things like fashion in films, the scores, the characters, I like comparing old to new, and also become the character myself. I feel it. And of course I like the connections I find to the characters and myself and taking into consideration the things they say, the things they do.

Most of the nights, before I fall asleep, I make a “sleeping movie playlist” or I put one of  my 2 “sleeping” music playlists on. The thing is that lately I can’t really sleep without sound. And those playlists keep the monsters away. So I mostly play movies. Films that I know all by heart and I can watch it with eyes closed. One of my most played films are Edward Scissorhands, The Nightmare before Christmas, Corpse Bride, Spirited Away, Howl’s Moving Castle, Monsters Inc….! The most weird part is that many times I wake up in my favourite scenes, try to keep my eyes open for it, watch it and then I fall asleep within seconds again. I don’t know how many times I’ve woken up for the finale in Edward Scissorhands just to see and hear Winona say “sometimes you can still catch me dancing in it”. Or in Sweeney Todd I always wake up in its tragic finale. It’s just so beautiful. There were a few times Maleficent was on my list, but after a night Angelina Jolie scared the hell out of me with her screams, I decided that it’s too soon for me to go.

But films are not only part of my sleeping habits. Everyday, when I do my coursework, it’s always either music or films. It depends on the mood and the time. When it gets late I prefer movies, I have no idea why. It’s good company. Sometimes it inspires me as well. But the point is that it’s fun! Again I mostly choose the ones I really know well so I won’t get too distracted.

I had a conversation with someone, about films. I regret saying something though. I said that I don’t like Charlie Chaplin. But then I thought about it again. You can’t judge something or someone without knowing them. I remember when I was a kid, I didn’t like Charlie Chaplin movies. But I was a kid. I should have said I don’t really know Charlie Chaplin, cause really that’s the truth. I’ve only seen a few scenes of random movies when I was a kid and then a year ago I watched The Great Dictator, which was not one of my favourites but the last speech was the point of it all, which I really loved. But in general, no, I haven’t really studied his films. So that’s another thing on my list. I wanna start from the beginning, with Georges Méliès.



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