It’s magic!

The end of first semester left me with not many friends, as my good friends were here only for the first term. I said to myself “it’s alright, maybe this will be good for me.” I was thinking I can dedicate my time to studying. And I do. But I realised something. Something that I know for a long time now, but I ignore it sometimes. There are days I’m really positive and excited doing my projects and everything. But somedays, I can’t seem to do much. Even if I stay the whole weekend in just to do more, I mostly end up doing so little. And then I always remember. I remember the feeling when I go for a walk. It’s like magic because every time I return, I feel so inspired and excited to do work. Something happens to me when I’m alone walking with my music. I just walk, observe, think, breathe, close my eyes and then I feel the need to go home and start working. But then again, I’m not sure if it’s the walk that makes me feel this way, or if it’s everything that I feel and think about. Because this happens in other cases as well. It mostly happens when it’s sunny. I am so happy when it’s sunny and warm. I sit in my balcony for a while sometimes, make some coffee, and boom! I’m getting so excited and to be honest sometimes I’m getting too excited to function. I end up discovering new bands and downloading music.


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