Saturday Night

This weekend I’m completely dedicated to my projects, something that it’s good, I like it. My best friends have all left. They were here for a semester only. And I miss them. But I think it’s gonna be good. I have more time with myself, to figure out certain things and to focus on my school and career.

Yesterday I was doing work almost the whole day. At night I opened a bottle of wine, had rock music on really loud and I spent my time with projects. Sometimes I was dancing around the room, singing and having fun. It was nice. And moments like this, I have this feeling that life is beautiful and I feel so happy!

One of the projects I keep myself busy with these days(and for the rest of the term), is the technical skills workshop. Last night I was drawing with a pen and ink. A project we started on Friday during class. It’s really nice, even though it’s a bit confusing sometimes and I feel lost so many times because of the language mostly, but I love it because it’s a challenge for me and it’s also something I never had the chance to learn and I think this class should be part of Coventry University as well. Because there are students like me who have a different education system and don’t have the opportunity to choose art classes or go to art college before university.


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