Informative Project

As I wrote previously, situations, projects, conversations makes us care more about things, there is a new thirst for knowledge. In my new illustration project, I have to make an illustration based on an article. The article I found is about a little girl that tweeted to Trump. There are so many questions and things I want to say that are coming to my mind right now but this blog is not the place to write it at. My point is that through this project I read so many things and I made a few quick sketches with Trump’s face. The more I was observing his face and his characteristics, the more I was asking myself, “why him?”. It’s sad watching him with such power. I won’t say more. But drawing his distinctive face was something I need to do. Surprisingly I like doing that(I mean sketching). I need to challenge myself more and I need to be more active and fast with these things. Everyday there are so many news, you don’t know what to start reading and what to believe.


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