I was never the student who could learn whole texts all by heart. One of those students who were learning everything. I was the one who could learn by discussing, processing and thinking about something. I loved literature and that’s why I was good. History was something else. The things I could remember the most where the things I had a connection with. Events that I was discussing with teachers or processing them alone. If I find something interesting I can learn things about it. For instance when I went to England I suddenly wanted to learn more about history and I did. I was reading about historic events, wars, poetry, music. Now I’m in Spain, it’s this time again. I want to understand this place more so I need to start with history.

So it started mostly yesterday when I went to an exhibition with a friend. The exhibition was based on the events of 1930s. I saw and heard about things I didn’t know, or things I knew little about. I’m trying to understand more now, and surprisingly I find it really interesting. I had a few nice conversations, starting with historic events, politics, literature, music. Knowledge is not only power. Knowledge is beautiful. The more you know, the more interesting conversations you have, the more you can understand people and situations. And it feels good knowing about things. It’s inspiring too!


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