Yesterday I started a new class. Illustration. And I loved it from the first day. Every time I search for something I remember how teachers were telling us how important research is. I get it more and more every single time I’m looking at tutorials, or getting lost on the internet looking for art and design things. And even when I read articles about irrelevant things, or the news that are really upsetting nowadays. But I get it now.

So, yesterday we started a new project. I promise to myself I will handle this wisely. I need to start everything on the day they happen, always working on them, but most important, taking decisions quickly. I had to find an article and make an illustration for it and place the whole thing as a newspaper page. I spent last night searching for an article. I was reading for so many things, rejecting some from their title (such as “Beyonce is expecting twins). And suddenly I was so grateful about this whole research because it made me realise that I need to spend more time reading the news and processing the things I read. As artists we need to make a point over this and express it in a different way as other people do. Of course everybody has their own way.

But this is something different for me. I didn’t have the chance to deal with this kind of things before. And even if I did, it is different now. Everything has changed. Everything. And I feel more responsible now, I feel like there is so much more weight on me to carry.


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