2nd Term

Before we choose the second term classes we will take, we have two weeks to go to classes, see if we can join, if we like it and at the end we decide if we will stay. This week is the 2nd so I soon need to make up my mind. One of the classes I’m joining for sure is Drawing and graphic techniques. I went yesterday for the first time I wasn’t sure exactly what it was but I gave it a try. This class is from the 1st year. The teacher wasn’t speaking english but he was so nice. He told me that he would gladly have me in the class. The other students were so nice as well and they were helping me understand a few things I couldn’t understand. The class was 3 hours. The teacher put one of my favourite piano music pieces playing the whole time and we were doing exercises. So this class is about the drawing skills, drawing with pencil, it’s about volume, observation. The exercises were to draw objects we had in front of us. It was fun! The most important thing is that I always wanted to be taught this things that I didn’t have the chance to do before I went to university or during. So I really need this class to improve my drawing skills. I love drawing with pencil and pens but most of the times I do things that are not real. I do things that don’t need these skills, not necessarily. So for once more I pick my classes wisely.

Another class I’m taking is Typography. You might be thinking why I’m taking this class since I’ve already had a typography class already in Coventry University. The thing is that, when I had the typography class, it was the first year and it was one of the first classes I had and it didn’t go very well. I was quite lost, I didn’t even know how to use any softwares and I wasn’t ready yet. It was a bad time. So now I want a second chance in Typography. I need to get better.

One thing I know is that it’s good if you take a class you’ve already been introduced at because you are doing practice, it’s different teaching method and there are so many things to learn. And I always wanted another chance in typography, because I started loving it even more!


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