Learning Spanish

You might hear that learning a language is easy, hard, impossible, super easy….The truth is that it’s different for every person. So you don’t listen to anyone but yourself about this matter.  I know people who learn a language so fast, or remember words for so long, when I can’t do any. People also learn a language in different ways. Of course most of the times there is book involving but there must be something that makes it special. I learnt english through music and literature. I remember searching for lyrics and writing all day long, and asking my teacher every word or phrase I couldn’t understand. Then after listening and reading the lyrics for so many times, I knew the songs all by heart and therefore the phrases and words were useful whenever I needed to write, talk and translate. Same as reading books and poetry. The book with Shakespeare’s sonnets became my best friend. Translating and searching for their meaning, it was something so beautiful.

The Spanish language however, I find it so much harder and as I don’t like Spanish music I have to find other ways. I remembered that we came across with a few poems of Federico Garcia Lorca and so I decided to go the literature way. I wrote a poem on my sketchbook, then I was having the translation in English next to me, and I was searching each word on the dictionary, and then translating in Greek. In the meantime I was writing the words on the side. This is something I love doing, poetry is so important to me, it’s something I love and I’m passionate about. Everything makes sense now. I found my way! I found my anchor.


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