3D Rhino

The first semester one of the modules I chose to take was Rhino 3D. Most of the students taking this class were from product design and interior. I just wanted to introduce myself to 3D, learn a new software and in general understand how all this dimensions work and maybe this will help me to achieve my animation dream. It was harder than I thought, the teacher couldn’t speak english at all and she was going quite fast, I was trying to follow with a little help from my friends and from tutorials. I did understand quite a lot and I remember how to use it and create something. And I’m glad I chose it because it was something different and something that I might won’t have the opportunity to do any time soon.
The last days we had this class, we were printing in 3D. The process was fascinating. I did a little research about it at home and I watched a few videos, and I loved it even more. Unfortunately there was not enough time to print mine too because some of the students took the whole time printing theirs. In general though this class was something new and I enjoyed it.

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