During Christmas Holidays

During Christmas holidays I returned home, in Greece. It was one of the best Christmas holidays ever, even though I didn’t see my friends a lot. I spent the first week in the city, walking around, thinking of my projects, making a plan. Before I leave Valencia I was still under process of the Illustration book project, so I took everything with me in order to do work because I knew time wasn’t on my side. So the rest of the holidays I was in the village, I nearly went out or went walking. I was doing work everyday. Drawing carefully from the beginning every page in bigger dimensions, colouring them and adding details. Some days were harder, I couldn’t do much. Others I was falling asleep by the fireplace in the living room. The most surprising one was Christmas Eve. It was around 21:00, my friends sent me a picture showing two laptops and graphics from the interior of houses and I thought they were doing work, so I thought I should do work as well. I went to my room and I was feeling so positive about it. That night I stayed up till late doing work. It was nice cause my friends motivated me. But a few weeks after I realised they were playing sims and not doing work.


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