This past week was really busy. I was working on the “International Workshop” module. Which is the only module we have in English. There are some Spanish students and all the erasmus students and we undertake 4 mini projects during this semester. So this week I was working on the postcard project. We were asked to create a series of postcards inspired by Valencia. After a lot of thought, of course I ended up doing something deeper than the surface of the Calatrava buildings. I always connect my project with feelings and get really deep with them. So, it was a night, I was sitting in my room, had my Christmas lights on, a candle, music and I was just thinking about stuff. And it hit me. I had the idea to make postcards of things in Valencia that remind me of home, and write something nice on them. Then I thought about it, made some quick sketches, thinking, and I came with this idea. I am gonna do this an actual project. Make postcards based on people who live in different countries and what things remind them and make them feel like home. So I’ll go ask people about it and create something beautiful for them and for the people they love and want to send them a reassurance that they miss home, but they are fine, and that in this new place there is something familiar and sometimes it really feels like home. I really like this idea.

Today was the deadline for the postcards. I didn’t want to give them to the teacher, I really liked them. So, for this project I was working so much, cause I drew so many lines on illustrator and my hand and arm is still aching. But it was fun making them. I liked the process. The excitement when I found the idea, the beginning of designing and sketching. Of course in the beginning it was something else but then there was not enough time for something like that, so I said to myself “okay, think reasonably”. The word minimalistic came to my mind. So I researched the word minimalism in the field of graphic design. I wanted to do something like this. The time I had wasn’t enough for something really detailed and big. So I started coming up with ideas. But in the end of course I ended up with troubling all over these infinite lines. But I really liked it, even though the printed is not the same as on screen.


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