Some people

Studying abroad is not only parties, drinks and sex. Nor studying like crazy, or going to trips. Nor meeting many people. And it’s definitely not just about this place you are living. Of course you are doing all of the above, but there is a different part of this experience. People.

One of my best friends here, is a guy from the Netherlands. We met in the hostel during our first days there. And I think I now know more about the Netherlands than I know about Spain! It’s not like that with every person you meet, but with him, I learn so much about everything. We have the best conversations, arguments and fights. Talking about politics, love, environment, education, technology…. People always appreciate big, shiny things and they forget the smallest things.

My point is that just because you are an erasmus student to Spain for example, that doesn’t mean that you have to act like you’re starring in an American college movie, or that you get stuck with Spain. Be openminded, accept the changes and grab the chances.


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