The long hostel experience

After the welcome day, there was a gap before we start going officially for classes. During this time, I had moved to a hostel. It wasn’t the first time I was staying at a hostel, but it was the first time I was staying for that long. I was there for 15 days. So, for me the hostel was my home. Everything was so nice there, the people, my roommates, the space, the location. I was feeling so comfortable. I made some really good friends and I have so many things to remember. And for once more I realized that I possess the gift of readjusting quickly in new things.

During my stay there it was quite hard to concentrate. Classes had kinda started, I was trying to choose what classes I would go to. In the meantime I was looking for a house. But I was so desperate, I couldn’t find anything good. It was so hard. I admit that this part was kinda stressful. But at last I found a house and I booked it. I was feeling kinda sad when I was leaving from the hostel, but it was time to go. Sometimes I still miss it.


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