The language

I used to not like Spanish language and I always hated it, when they were playing Spanish songs in the clubs. But it’s different now. Trying to communicate in a foreign place with a foreign language it’s quite challenging. But anyhow, it’s not so hard. I can see the difference after two months. I can understand quite a lot now. I’ve made progress. And I also noticed that the digital world has made progress as well. There are so many language apps you can use to learn a language. In the moment, I am using “Mondly Languages” and it’s pretty good actually. Of course the first days I couldn’t use it without laughing (the male voice is hilarious, I would recommend to download the app only for this). But it’s really helpful. And I know is that by the end of the year I will be able to communicate very well in Spanish. Something that I can use in my CV and it’s gonna be something extra for my general knowledge. I decided to continue learning this language, even after my time here. So this whole experience here has already done something nice.

It’s actually funny, when you try to communicate in a foreign language. Sometimes you end up saying “thanks” instead of “good evening”.


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