The beginning

So it started. I spent the whole summer wondering whether I will study abroad for the 2016-2017 academic year. I was waiting for a confirmation from a design school in Valencia, Spain. Everybody knew about it and they started calling me Dolores. So in the tavern I was working, for them, I was Dolores. But summer was about to end and I still didn’t know where I will be studying. I certainly didn’t wanna go back to my final year, because it’s too soon, and I wasn’t ready. But at the beginning of September I got my confirmation. I was accepted to the EASD school in Valencia. It was really exciting indeed and I had to leave in 10 days. Said my quick goodbyes to friends, family, cats and my city and I boarded to the airplane.

The first days were kinda stressful and weird. I was staying to an airbnb house. I didn’t know much about it but it was a nice experience. The house was nice, I loved my room, I spent many hours on the balcony, writing, thinking and gazing. But as I couldn’t stay there for the whole year, I was searching for a house. Actually now that I think about it, I’m glad I’m not staying there. The memory of the cat pooping in the bathtub makes me nauseous…


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