Erasmus Welcome Day

This first day was interesting. It felt just like the first day at university, two years ago, when I didn’t know anyone there. Erasmus students were all gathered in a tiny place that they call library. It was kinda awkward. Everybody seemed kinda lost. I introduced myself to the people who were sitting next to me. Teachers and stuff started talking. It was funny because they couldn’t speak english very well, and the moment when the one teacher was interrupting and correcting the other was hilarious. During the talking I secretly wrote to the girl sitting next to me, that I had just realized that one of the people named Nacho, from the international office that I was talking all summer, was a man. We started laughing and I thought “I like this girl”. At the end of this meeting, I asked the two girls I was walking out with, to go for coffee. And that’s how our friendship started. We went to a nice cafe starting get to know each other.


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