For the first semester I have the choice to attend to optional subjects. That’s what everybody did actually, because it’s a really nice opportunity to do something else apart from the old usual subjects. So I spent hours of organizing my timetable, in order to all the things I wanted to. So now I have the chance to do something different.

I have a plan. I love animation. I want to learn how to animate. So I thought about this and I decided I have to start from the beginning. First of all I need to practice on my drawing skills. Something I was never that good was drawing people. Those real characteristics and parts of a body. So, I’m now going to “Children’s Illustration book workshop”. Here I have to draw the same characters in different positions and feelings, I have to create my own characters, so it’s a good practice of my drawing. And honestly, I already see the progress. I’m becoming better, more confident. It’s really working. And I love it!


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